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“Moms are the CEO’s of Life”

Eugene Quinn is a breath of fresh air in the literary field of business.

He is a master storyteller, and with each chapter of his book gives us a glimpse of what it was like to learn lessons from his mother. He then weaves into that tapestry of personal lessons a rare inside look at numerous successful people who have risen to the top.

Every reader is treated to a first-hand account of how greats like Don Kirschner, Ken Anderson, Phil Martelli and Jeff Webb are no different than anyone else when it comes to learning from their mother how to succeed in their own life. Each account is deeply personal, yet will contain eerily familiar memories from everyone’s childhood.



With a stroke of the pen, Eugene puts his readers into the shoes of such people, and enables them to feel the passion that has driven their success.

Having built a successful telecommunications consulting business, Eugene feels he owes most of his own success to his mother’s teachings. He feels driven to show others that those lessons, the ones we tend not to listen to as a youngster, are among the most valuable tools for leading anyone to personal success.

With his charm and masterful storytelling, Eugene lets the reader into a world where everyone wishes to be, only to realize, perhaps for the first time, “I wish I had listened to mom.”



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Some of Mom’s Lessons:

  1. -Never Lie

  2. -If everyone jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge?

  3. -When you get a burnt egg, have a Bar-B-Q

  4. -Don’t call people names

  5. -There is no such thing as the boogieman

  6. -When you’re cold, have hot chocolate

Some people in the book:

Jeff Webb, CEO, Founder, Varsity Brands

Peter Moore, Owner, CEO of  Lions Futball Club

HilaryKnight, Illustrator

of the ”Eloise” books

Ken Anderson, former NFL Quarterback